Run Fat Guy Run - My Challenge For 2012
Light Friday Run - 8.5 Miles Ran This Week

Although 1 mile isn’t impressive compared to running 3 miles on Tuesday and Thursday, it wasn’t meant to be a consolidating run. My legs were tired as I didn’t rest properly, and instead of running longer I decided to run for a short distance and do more cardiovascular exercise in the gym.

This week, Monday to Friday, I have ran for 8.5 Miles. This is a good achievement, and looking at it like that the half marathon feels a whole lot more attainable.

Next week, my running will be changing from Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday to Monday, Wednesday, Friday, And Sundays. This should give me a better time to rest my legs.

Another 3 Mile Run Achieved!

After a break today, I went for another 3 mile run. This time I handled it better. I stopped less times and felt generally good for it! You can view the course by clicking here.

I have found out two interesting things after this run. The first thing, during my run I found the longer I ran for the easier it got. Obviously, this won’t be the case when I increase my run to 5 miles (or 6 miles), not to start with anyway. But usually when you see people pull up when running it’s because they’re out of breath. My breathing was good, and has been. It’s my legs that stop me. They end up burning, I keep running, and then you get the sensation where you actually can’t move your legs. That’s when I stop. Hopefully though this will change soon!

The other interesting thing was that the app I use for my phone to monitor my running reckons that, judging by my pace tonight, I could run the half marathon in 2 hours and 28 minutes. This is a surprise to me, as I guestimated 2 hours 45 minutes. It’s only February right now, so there is every chance this time will come down. Who knows, I may run it in 2 hours 15 minutes?

It’s Not Just Me Raising Money For Macmillan

As you can see from this page (click here), loads of people have different reasons for raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support. My reason is on there, as are other reasons.

Also, there is a page (click here) that explains where the money raised goes. Interesting reading!

My Injuries - What Has Really Kept Me Back

Back when I was 15, I started boxing. It was my Dad who brought me down to the gym, and the man who took me there all those evenings after he came home from work. To begin with, I was no good. I turned up, threw a few punches, and gave up easily. Back then I was 18st (a weight I wouldn’t again reach until I was 24) and didn’t loose any weight to begin with.

But, I kept going, and the weight started to come off. Until when I was 16, riding my bike the front wheel buckled throwing me off on to the pavement. The result? A hobble and a broken bike. I left the bike to the side of the road, and took the bus home.

I couldn’t stand for anything longer than half an hour, and had to rest for two hours before the pain subsided. This carried on for about a month before it got better enough to walk properly. I returned to boxing then. The winter came, and the knee problem returned. It hurt like hell. I went to the doctor, and 9 months later it was diagnosed that I had a dislocated kneecap in my right knee. The kneecap is still dislocated to this day, and continues to niggle me.

About 4 weeks after finding this out, again I’m on my bike (a new one this time), when the chain comes off the back wheel, jams it and throws me off on to the pavement. Knowing I had damage on my right knee, I shifted my body to the left. The result this time? A broken thumb. 6 weeks in plaster, and I returned to boxing again.

Things went well up until a week before my 18th birthday. With some friends, I slipped and broke my right elbow. This injury, aside from my knee, has been the most troublesome. I had a long time off with it, going to physiotherepy, resting, until I went back to the gym. Within the first few weeks I found out the elbow wasn’t right. There was a metal pin left in it to keep it strong, but every time I punched with my right arm the metal work would hit the nerve. It was the exact same feeling as you’d get from hitting your funny bone. Another operation later, to remove the metal pin, and I had ballooned up to 17st and had no desire to go back to boxing.

The problem I had, and I still have, is that I’ve tried so many times to get back to be fit and to eventually be able to fight. When you have so many disappointments, and set backs, you just can’t bring yourself back to try again. It happens to everyone at some point. It happened to me, and for the next 6 years I didn’t bother training. Made the odd appearance at the gym, but nothing serious.

Now though, as has been said before, my Dad was diagnosed with cancer. I don’t even want to begin to explain it, but something switched inside, and now I want to get fit again to run the Birmingham Half Marathon to thank Macmillan Cancer Support and the Cancer Ward at the QE for their help, treatment and support. I have a history of injuries, and the most notable injury that could prevent me doing this is my knee. But I’m doing everything I can to manage the knee so I can still train while trying to limit any damage to it.

My view point is this. Even if I have to walk it, or crawl it, I will do that Half Marathon. 

Cracked It - Achieved 3 Miles Running Today

I didn’t plan on running 3 miles today, but it’s always good to beat targets early!

I went for a light run (1.5 miles) with the intention of doing a lot of cardio work in the gym today to give my knees a rest. Then a friend of mine, who knows I’m trying to do this marathon, pulls me to the side, puts a hi-vis jacket on me and forces me out the door with loads of younger kids running for 2 miles.

I kept up with these lads for a good half a mile, until I lost sight of them. I carried on though, running (and stopping) for the full 2 miles. I get back, knackered, but proud of what I achieved. I’ve beaten my target of running 3 miles before the end of February. Obviously, I want to reduce the amount of times I stop, but this will come with time.

Apparently, tomorrow it’ll be a 3 mile run. I have my chance to beat my personal best!

The Course - The Great Birmingham Run

Only just found this out. On the Great Birmingham Run website, they have a PDF (and a little video, more for style rather than substance) detailing the course layout.

It’s a long old run, 13.1 miles. Running up to Bournville, then to the Edgbaston Cricket Ground, all the way to Broad Street. So I can have a pint when I finish!

Here is the PDF for the course. It is quite large, but it’s quite interesting!

This is where and how long I ran for yesterday. I haven’t managed 2.3 miles since last training for boxing (when I was 18). So yesterday was fantastic, and gave me a buzz knowing that the 13 miles that I need to run is incredibly achievable!

This is me. Yes, the hair is real and also natural. No need for curlers, I come pre-packaged with them!

This is me. Yes, the hair is real and also natural. No need for curlers, I come pre-packaged with them!